Version 2.1 (24.05.2018)
Finnish Social Science Data Archive
University of Tampere

Terms and Conditions for the Use of the Aila Data Service

Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD)

Finnish Social Science Data Archive (henceforth the Archive or FSD) is a national service resource for scientific research and teaching. It archives, promotes and disseminates digital research data for research, teaching and learning purposes. The Archive is a separate unit of the University of Tampere.

Aila Data Service

Aila is the FSD’s online data service which includes an online data catalogue, an online data ordering and download system and a client register of data users (see Privacy Notice).

FSD data catalogue contains study descriptions of archived data in English and Finnish, as well as a browse and search application. The catalogue can be browsed without registration. Users can order and download data in the Aila Data Service. In most cases, online data download requires registration.

Aila registration process

Students and members of staff of Finnish universities, polytechnics and research institutes can register themselves with Aila Data Service using the username and password issued to them by their home organization, through the Haka identity federation. The home organization authenticates user identification. The HAKA federation monitors the use of personal data and ensures that personal data will be used in a responsible manner and in accordance with the Finnish legislation. To check whether your institution is part of HAKA federation, consult this list of federation members.

Other users are required to complete a registration form to get a user account, that is, to apply for an Aila username and password. After the Archive has checked the personal details supplied in the form, the applicant will be sent a username to the email address she or he has given.

Amendment and disposal of personal data

Users registering with the data service will be able to enter and check their own personal details before submitting them to the client register. After having logged in, registered users can check and update their personal details at any time.

Users registering with the service understand that the Archive maintain their contact information. The contact information will be maintained for the next 24 month, starting from the last time the user logged into the system. After this period, the user's personal data are removed from the user register. The user can also request that his/her personal data are removed earlier. However, in accordance with the Records Management and Archives Formation Plan of the FSD, information on data downloads made by the user will be retained for 20 years.

Registered users have the right to choose whether to receive any promotional material from the Archive or not.

Management and dissemination of personal data

The personal information relating to user accounts is used in accordance with the Privacy Notice. The user's personal data is processed for the performance of the contract.

Information on data downloads made by the user is retained for 20 years. The information retained consists of the user identification and contact information, information on the data downloaded, when and for what use purpose.

The Archive has the right to inform original data creators of the users of their data and their use purposes. Data creators will be given the first name, surname, home organization and email address of the data user, as well as information on the purpose of use supplied by the user.

When research data include material originally created by individuals who are represented by the copyright society Kopiosto, the Archive has the right to give to Kopiosto the first name, surname, and home organization of the user, as well as information on the use purpose supplied by the him or her. Such material may be, for instance, newspaper articles or photographs.

If a client uses data against the access conditions set for the data or for a different purpose of use than specified, the Archive has the right to notify the original data creators, the user's home organisation and research funders of the breach of the terms. If the breach of terms concerns data created by individuals represented by Kopiosto, the Archive has the right to inform Kopiosto.

To investigate a breach of terms, the Archive has the right to submit to creators and home organization all information relating to the data use (the user’s first and second name, home organization, user name, email address, postal address, telephone number, information on data downloaded, times of download and purpose of use supplied by the user). If a breach of terms concerns data created by individuals represented by Kopiosto, the Archive has the right to submit the same information to Kopiosto as well.

Responsibilities of the user

The username and password issued by the Archive are strictly confidential. They should not be shared with anyone else and the user is responsible for not letting anyone else get hold of them. The user is personally responsible for all actions made using his/her username and password. The Archive has the right to withdraw access to the data service in case of any abuse of terms and conditions.

Downloading data

Users can download data according to the use conditions set out for the dataset:

  1. Dataset available for all users: downloading requires that the user has a valid email address.
  2. Dataset available for research, teaching and study: downloading requires registration with Aila.
  3. Dataset available for research and for Master’s, licentiate and doctoral theses: downloading requires registration with Aila.
  4. Dataset available only by permission from the depositor: downloading requires registration with Aila and permission from the creator(s) of the data. The Archive handles the contacts with data creator(s).

To be able to download data, the user must agree to comply with the general terms and conditions of data use and also with the special conditions set out for the particular dataset. Any particular conditions applying to a dataset are shown to the user before download and are included in the dissemination package.