In total 73 series.

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Attitudes towards Corporal Punishment of Children in Finland 10
Barometers for Swedish-speaking Finns 9
Career and Employment Survey of Finnish University Graduates 15
Child Victim Surveys 3
Children and Youth Leisure Surveys 3
Children's Media Barometers 4
Church Monitors 4
Citizen Safety and Security 2
City Service Surveys 9
Community-based Mental Health Rehabilitation of Young Adults 2010-2012 5
Consumer Habits and Lifestyle in Finland 4
Datasets of the Tampere Praksis Project 8
Development Cooperation Surveys 18
Diaconia Barometers 4
ESS (European Social Survey) 8
EVA Surveys on Finnish Values and Attitudes 25
EVS (European Values Study) and WVS (World Values Survey) 0
Employment Surveys of Tampere University Graduates 38
Energy Attitudes of the Finns 1983-2011 28
Enhancing Leisure Time Activities 7
Eurostudent: Finnish Data 3
Family Barometers 11
Finnish Attitudes to Rescue Services, Safety and Emergencies 4
Finnish Attitudes towards Alcohol 3
Finnish Attitudes towards Alcohol Control Policies 7
Finnish EU Attitudes 16
Finnish Energy Attitudes 5
Finnish Gambling Surveys 4
Finnish Local Government 2004 51
Finnish Local Government Barometers 37
Finnish National Election Studies 7
Finnish Opinions on Security Policy and National Defence 40
Finnish Science Barometers 7
Finnish Self-Report Delinquency Study 8
Finnish Voter Barometers 37
Finnish Working Life Barometers 30
Finnish Working Life Barometers: Local Government Employees 16
Finnish Youth Surveys 26
Follow-ups on Finnish National and Local Elections (GallupChannel) 10
Gallup Ecclesiastica 6
Health Promotion Barometers 13
ISSP (International Social Survey Programme) 20
Individual datasets 687
Jyväskylä Longitudinal Study of Personality and Social Development (JYLS) 31
National User Surveys of Finnish Libraries 13
New Students in Universities: First Impressions 4
Pension Barometers 1
Police Barometers 9
Power Structures Surveys 3
Public Procurement Notices 13