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FSD3195 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2003 A Quantitative 2018-02-16
FSD3196 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2004 A Quantitative 2018-02-16
FSD3194 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns, Autumn 2002 A Quantitative 2018-02-14
FSD3193 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns, Spring 2002 A Quantitative 2018-02-09
FSD3130 City Service Survey 2012 B Quantitative 2018-02-06
FSD3110 Domestic Violence Met by Educated Women 2015 B Quantitative 2018-01-22
FSD3173 Political Orientation of Students of Tampere University of Applied Sciences 2017 B Quantitative 2018-01-10
FSD3186 Residents' Barometer 2016 B Quantitative 2018-01-05
FSD3155 Journalism Students' Survey 2015 B Quantitative 2018-01-02
FSD3160 Broader Impact of Research in Society 2016 B Quantitative 2018-01-02
FSD3181 Alcohol and Drug Survey 2014 D Quantitative 2018-01-02
FSD3159 Survey on the Role of Doctoral Degree Holders in Society 2016 B Quantitative 2018-01-02
FSD3153 Finnish Energy Attitudes 2016 B Quantitative 2017-12-20
FSD3043 Sociobarometer 2015 C Quantitative 2017-12-14
FSD3112 University of Tampere Survey for Third-year Students 2015 B Quantitative 2017-12-14
FSD3107 Tampere City Region Youth Survey 2016 B Quantitative 2017-12-12
FSD3187 Development Cooperation Survey 2017 B Quantitative 2017-12-12
FSD2850 Sociobarometer 2013 C Quantitative 2017-12-08
FSD3042 Sociobarometer 2014 C Quantitative 2017-12-08
FSD3163 Finnish Perceptions of Justice: Judges 2016 B Quantitative 2017-10-19
FSD3164 Public Procurement Notices 2016 A Quantitative 2017-10-19
FSD3023 Memories and Experiences of Computer Use 2013 B Quantitative 2017-10-19
FSD3111 University of Tampere Survey for Second-year Students 2015 B Quantitative 2017-10-19
FSD3113 University of Tampere Survey for Fifth-year Students 2015 B Quantitative 2017-10-19
FSD3162 Finnish Perceptions of Justice: Citizens 2016 B Quantitative 2017-10-19
FSD2962 Ethnolinguistic Identity and Television Viewing among Three Language Minorities in Italy, Romania and Finland 2011 B Quantitative 2017-10-05
FSD3103 Social Dimension of the Online Role-Playing Game World of Warcraft 2013-2014 B Quantitative 2017-09-19
FSD3127 Housing Conditions and Preferences of Higher Education Students in Tampere 2016 A Quantitative 2017-09-07
FSD3109 Horse Dealer Interviews 2012 C Qualitative 2017-09-07
FSD3170 Finland 2004: Consumer Habits and Lifestyle B Quantitative 2017-08-31
FSD3172 Finland 2014: Consumer Habits and Lifestyle B Quantitative 2017-08-31
FSD3171 Finland 2009: consumer habits and lifestyle B Quantitative 2017-08-31
FSD3176 School Well-being Profile 2016-2017: Primary School, Grades 4-6 B Quantitative 2017-08-22
FSD3177 School Well-being Profile 2016-2017: Lower Secondary School, Grades 7-9 B Quantitative 2017-08-22
FSD3179 School Well-being Profile 2016-2017: Personnel B Quantitative 2017-08-22
FSD3178 School Well-being Profile 2016-2017: Upper Secondary Institutions B Quantitative 2017-08-22
FSD3144 Social Service Professionals’ Perceptions of Disability Services 2015 A Quantitative 2017-08-04
FSD3089 Menopause Survey 1989 B Quantitative 2017-08-04
FSD3090 Family Planning Survey: Women 1994 B Quantitative 2017-08-03
FSD3088 Amateur Naturalism and Activities of Nature and Wildlife Organizations: Printed Media Data 1972-2011 C Qualitative 2017-08-02
FSD3057 New Students in Universities 2014: First Impressions A Quantitative 2017-07-31
FSD3056 New Students in Universities 2013: First Impressions A Quantitative 2017-07-31
FSD3080 Collaborative Planning of Urban Green Infrastructure 2013 B Qualitative 2017-07-31
FSD3065 Guides for Immigrants and Immigration Services 2005 C Qualitative 2017-07-18
FSD3122 Employment Survey of Tampere University Graduates 2014 B Quantitative 2017-07-07
FSD3079 Memories and Mental Images of Phenomena Related to Radioactivity 2015 B Qualitative 2017-07-07
FSD3059 Employment Survey of Tampere University Postgraduates 2008-2009 B Quantitative 2017-07-07
FSD3073 PIAAC 2012: Survey of Adult Skills: Finnish Data C Quantitative 2017-07-04
FSD3027 Finland's Foreign Trade: Value of Exports 1840-2000 A Quantitative 2017-07-03
FSD3026 Finland's Foreign Trade: Value of Imports 1840-2000 A Quantitative 2017-07-03