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FSD3227 Finnish Views on Democracy and Political Issues 2017: Swedish-Speaking Finns B Quantitative 2018-10-05
FSD3210 School Security Survey 2016 C Quantitative 2018-10-03
FSD3204 Power Structures of Finnish Society 2011 B Quantitative 2018-09-10
FSD3208 Gustaf Alfred af Hällström: library and purchases of printed works 1845-1861 A Qualitative 2018-09-05
FSD3101 Citizen Deliberation on the Swedish Language and Swedish-speaking Minority in Finland: Control Survey 2014 B Quantitative 2018-09-04
FSD3100 Citizen Deliberation on the Swedish Language and Swedish-speaking Minority in Finland: Recruitment Survey 2014 B Quantitative 2018-09-04
FSD3102 Citizen Deliberation on the Swedish Language and Swedish-speaking Minority in Finland: Post-deliberation Survey 2014 B Quantitative 2018-09-04
FSD3190 Strategic Management of Occupational Healthcare and Workplace Well-Being in Municipal Organisations: Personnel Management 2015 B Quantitative 2018-08-28
FSD3126 Interviews of Active Members of the Association for Cultural Workers in Finland 2012-2013 D Qualitative 2018-08-07
FSD3166 Writing Competition on the Future of Work in Finland 2016-2017 A Qualitative 2018-08-01
FSD3147 Tampere Praksis: Service Counsellor and Service Manager Views on Family Service Counselling 2016 D Qualitative 2018-08-01
FSD3189 Interaction between Knowledge and Decision-Making 2017 B Quantitative 2018-07-18
FSD3075 Finnish Experiences of Indoor Air Quality Problems 2014 C Qualitative 2018-07-17
FSD3148 WeAll Media Data on Equality Issues in Working Life and Education 2016 C Qualitative 2018-07-16
FSD3207 Interviews of Male Metalworkers after Job Loss at Rauma Shipyard 2016 B Qualitative 2018-07-11
FSD3184 Diaconia Barometer 2016 B Quantitative 2018-07-11
FSD3168 Private Bills in the Finnish Parliament 1999-2014 B Quantitative 2018-07-09
FSD3124 Doctoral Graduates of Years 2012-2013: Career and Employment Survey 2015 D Quantitative 2018-07-06
FSD3055 Doctoral Graduates of Years 2010-2011: Career and Employment Survey 2013 D Quantitative 2018-07-05
FSD3078 Doctoral Graduates of Years 2008-2009: Career and Employment Survey 2011 C Quantitative 2018-07-04
FSD2556 Finnish National Election Studies 2003-2015: combined data B Quantitative 2018-07-02
FSD3165 Helsinki Deaconess Institute Housing Services 2013 B Qualitative 2018-06-28
FSD3219 Charity Participation Survey 2017 B Quantitative 2018-06-27
FSD3272 School Well-being Profile 2017-2018: Primary School, Grades 4-6 B Quantitative 2018-06-26
FSD3274 School Well-being Profile 2017-2018: Upper Secondary Institutions B Quantitative 2018-06-26
FSD3273 School Well-being Profile 2017-2018: Lower Secondary School, Grades 7-9 B Quantitative 2018-06-26
FSD3275 School Well-being Profile 2017-2018: Personnel B Quantitative 2018-06-26
FSD3175 Rehabilitation Counsellors, Disabled Clients and Interaction 2006 B Quantitative 2018-06-21
FSD3192 Finnish Views on Democracy and Political Issues 2017 B Quantitative 2018-06-21
FSD3132 Secondary Use of Health and Social Care Data 2016 B Quantitative 2018-06-21
FSD3139 Pets as Family Members 2014-2015 C Qualitative 2018-06-20
FSD3261 Gambling Harm Survey 2016 B Quantitative 2018-06-15
FSD3099 Upper Secondary Students' Experiences of Economics Course YH2 2012-2013 B Quantitative 2018-06-12
FSD3224 University Student Health Survey 2016 D Quantitative 2018-06-12
FSD3174 Language Barometer 2016 B Quantitative 2018-06-11
FSD3167 Vocational Teachers' Views on Competence-Based Education 2017 B Quantitative 2018-06-08
FSD3060 Employment Survey of Tampere University Doctoral Graduates 2010-2011 B Quantitative 2018-06-07
FSD3206 Church Resignation Forms Filed in Finland 2007-2016 C Quantitative 2018-06-07
FSD3096 Youth Media Participation in Argentina, Egypt, Finland and India 2009-2011 B Quantitative 2018-06-05
FSD3061 Maternity Care in Rural China 2008 - 2009 B Quantitative 2018-05-31
FSD3091 Family Planning Survey: Men 1994 B Quantitative 2018-05-28
FSD3239 Register Data on Vacancies Notified to Public Employment Service 2017 B Quantitative 2018-05-28
FSD3237 ISSP 2017: Social Networks and Social Resources III: Finnish Data B Quantitative 2018-05-22
FSD3161 Forest Owners' Views on Forest Biodiversity Programme METSO and Forest Use 2014 A Quantitative 2018-05-22
FSD3234 EVA Survey on Finnish Values and Attitudes 2018 B Quantitative 2018-05-22
FSD3238 Public Procurement Notices 2017 A Quantitative 2018-05-09
FSD3158 Forest Professionals' Experiences and Views on Voluntary Forest Conservation and Forest Management Planning 2014 A Quantitative 2018-04-13
FSD3217 European Social Survey 2016: Finnish Data A Quantitative 2018-04-13
FSD3220 Finnish Working Life Barometer 2016 B Quantitative 2018-04-04
FSD3185 Student Feedback Survey for Bachelor Graduates 2016 D Quantitative 2018-04-04