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FSD2286 Parliamentary Elections 2007: Candidate Responses to YLE Candidate Selector

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  • Finnish Broadcasting Company (YLE)


economic policy, electoral issues, employment, environment policy, family policy, national policy, parliamentary candidates, parliamentary elections, public services, social policy, taxation

Sisällön kuvaus

The data consist of responses given by parliamentary candidates to YLE (Finland's national public service broadcasting company) candidate selector.

Some questions pertained to working life. The respondents gave their views on short-term work, terms of employment, redundancies, and on the workplace representatives' right to obtain the employees' wage information. Opinions were also queried on citizen wages, pension increases, and on restraining the growing income disparity.

In view of taxation, the respondents' opinions were charted on whether public services should be improved or taxes lowered, whether taxation should be directed to the running costs of car instead of its purchase price, and whether the tax money should be directed to public health care only instead of subsidising those who visit private doctors.

The respondents' views were canvassed on whether the state should have a tighter control over how municipalities use the government subsidies allocated for social and health services and education, and whether all services should remain available both in Finnish and Swedish after the municipal reform, even if it would cost more than before.

Related to families and children, the respondents were asked whether persons with a large income should be disqualified from receiving child benefits, and whether children should be entitled to full-time child day care if one of their parents is at home in the daytime. Views on classes and special schools for talented children were also queried.

The respondents also gave their views on whether domestic violence cases should always be taken to court instead of conciliation. In view of the status of students, the respondents gave their views on taking a study loan to improve one's living conditions. Further questions probed the respondents' opinions on whether right to mortgage interest deduction should be limited only to first-time homebuyers, and whether the migration to the Helsinki area should be constrained by moving public administration jobs elsewhere.

In addition, views were probed on building the sixth nuclear power plant, curbing climate change, Finland's possible NATO membership, preserving Finland's defensive preparedness at the current level, and shortening the length of non-military service. Some questions canvassed the respondents' attitudes to the Government's EU policy and the state's role in controlling the economic life. The respondents were also asked who would be suitable to be the next prime minister, and what would be the best government base.

The questionnaire also included three separate questions for each electoral district. These questions covered topical issues.

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