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FSD3157 EVA Survey on Finnish Values and Attitudes 2017 B Quantitative 2017-04-05
FSD3133 Development Cooperation Survey 2016 B Quantitative 2017-04-03
FSD3142 Opinions on Security Policy 2016 C Quantitative 2017-04-03
FSD3137 Finnish Science Barometer 2016 B Quantitative 2017-04-03
FSD3150 Attitudes towards Corporal Punishment of Children in Finland 2014 B Quantitative 2017-04-03
FSD3156 Register Data on Vacancies Notified to Public Employment Service 2016 B Quantitative 2017-04-03
FSD3094 Gallup Ecclesiastica 2011 B Quantitative 2017-02-20
FSD3052 Employment Survey of Tampere University Bachelor Graduates of 2012 B Quantitative 2017-02-13
FSD3058 Employment Survey of Tampere University Postgraduates 2006-2007 B Quantitative 2017-02-13
FSD3053 Employment Survey of Tampere University Bachelor Graduates of 2013 B Quantitative 2017-02-13
FSD3081 Social Media Work in Evangelical Lutheran Parishes 2012 B Quantitative 2017-02-13
FSD3051 Employment Survey of Tampere University Bachelor Graduates of 2011 B Quantitative 2017-02-13
FSD3050 Employment Survey of Tampere University Bachelor Graduates of 2010 B Quantitative 2017-02-13
FSD3146 Views and Use of Reformed Social and Health Services 2015 D Quantitative 2017-02-08
FSD3135 Student Feedback Survey for Bachelor Graduates 2015 D Quantitative 2017-01-30
FSD3095 New Students in Universities 2015: First Impressions A Quantitative 2017-01-20
FSD3076 Youth Barometer of Eastern Finland 2014-2015 B Quantitative 2017-01-18
FSD3120 E-books Supporting Studies: Higher Education Student Survey 2016 B Quantitative 2017-01-16
FSD3121 E-books Supporting Teaching: Higher Education Teacher Survey 2016 B Quantitative 2017-01-16
FSD3131 Finnish Working Life Barometer 2015 B Quantitative 2017-01-11
FSD2941 Diaconia Barometer 2013 B Quantitative 2017-01-11
FSD2987 Diaconia Barometer 2009 B Quantitative 2017-01-10
FSD2988 Diaconia Barometer 2011 B Quantitative 2017-01-10
FSD3013 Vitality 90+ Survey 2014 D Quantitative 2017-01-10
FSD3083 Second Home Tourism in Finland: Citizen Survey 2012 B Quantitative 2017-01-09
FSD3045 Employment Survey of Tampere University Graduates 2013 B Quantitative 2017-01-05
FSD3070 Children's Media Barometer 2012 A Quantitative 2017-01-05
FSD3071 Children's Media Barometer 2013 A Quantitative 2017-01-05
FSD3114 Neighbour Relations and Disputes 2012 B Quantitative 2017-01-04
FSD3069 Children's Media Barometer 2010 A Quantitative 2017-01-04
FSD3115 Gambling Survey 2015 B Quantitative 2017-01-03
FSD3108 Political Trust among Upper Secondary Students in Tampere 2016 B Quantitative 2016-11-30
FSD3123 Open Access and Research Data: Researcher Survey 2015 B Quantitative 2016-10-27
FSD3011 Vitality 90+ Survey 2007 D Quantitative 2016-09-05
FSD3008 Vitality 90+ Survey 1998 D Quantitative 2016-09-05
FSD3007 Vitality 90+ Survey 1996 D Quantitative 2016-09-05
FSD3006 Vitality 90+ Survey 1995 D Quantitative 2016-09-05
FSD3012 Vitality 90+ Survey 2010 D Quantitative 2016-09-05
FSD3009 Vitality 90+ Survey 2001 D Quantitative 2016-09-05
FSD3010 Vitality 90+ Survey 2003 D Quantitative 2016-09-05
FSD3067 Finnish National Election Study 2015 B Quantitative 2016-09-01
FSD3116 School Well-being Profile 2015-2016: Primary School, Grades 4-6 B Quantitative 2016-07-26
FSD3119 School Well-being Profile 2015-2016: Personnel B Quantitative 2016-07-26
FSD3117 School Well-being Profile 2015-2016: Lower Secondary School, Grades 7-9 B Quantitative 2016-07-26
FSD3021 Housing Conditions and Preferences of Higher Education Students in Tampere 2011 A Quantitative 2016-07-25
FSD3118 School Well-being Profile 2015-2016: Upper Secondary Institutions B Quantitative 2016-07-25
FSD2925 Members of Municipal Councils and Municipal Boards 2009 A Quantitative 2016-07-01
FSD3104 Weather and Climate Risk Management in Finnish Municipalities 2015 A Quantitative 2016-06-22
FSD2997 Nordic Member of Parliament Survey 1995-1996: Finnish Data D Quantitative 2016-06-21
FSD3105 Weather and Climate Risk Management in Finnish Organisations 2015 A Quantitative 2016-06-15