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FSD3413 Public Procurement Notices 2019 A Tooltip Quantitative 2020-03-30
FSD3240 Sleep, Exercise and Eating Habits of Swedish-Speaking Finnish Children 2006 and 2008 B Tooltip Quantitative 2020-03-30
FSD3327 e2's Survey on Values and Attitudes 2016 B Tooltip Quantitative 2020-02-06
FSD3211 Gallup Ecclesiastica 2015 B Tooltip Quantitative 2020-02-06
FSD3269 Employment Survey of Tampere University Graduates 2016 B Tooltip Quantitative 2020-01-29
FSD3362 Facilitating Digital Humanities Research 2017 B Tooltip Qualitative 2020-01-23
FSD3328 Survey on Attitudes Towards Swedish Language and Swedish-Speaking Finns 2017 B Tooltip Quantitative 2020-01-13
FSD3262 Professional Identity and Religious Beliefs of Children's Instructor Students 2016 B Tooltip Quantitative 2020-01-09
FSD3263 Professional Identity and Religious Beliefs of Children's Instructor Students 2017 B Tooltip Quantitative 2020-01-09
FSD3252 Professional Identity and Religious Beliefs of Children's Instructor Students 2014 B Tooltip Quantitative 2020-01-09
FSD3141 That's So '80s! Writing Competition 2015 C Tooltip Qualitative 2020-01-07
FSD3253 Volunteering in Finland 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-11-28
FSD3271 Financial Awareness of Finnish People 2014 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-11-28
FSD3266 Identity Horizons of Finnish Higher Education Students 2015 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-10-21
FSD3276 Volunteering in Finland 2010 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-09-30
FSD3346 Views of Violence in a Changing Media Landscape 2017 B Tooltip Qualitative 2019-09-18
FSD3258 Swedish East India Company in Newspapers 1731-1807 A Tooltip Quantitative 2019-09-17
FSD3325 European Climate Services User Survey (EU-MACS) 2017 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-09-16
FSD3277 Volunteering in Finland 2015 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-09-13
FSD3213 European Values Study 2017: Finnish Data B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-09-09
FSD3359 Disabled and Chronically Ill Young Adults' Notions of Freedom 2018 C Tooltip Qualitative 2019-08-28
FSD3249 Personal Information Management of Students at the University of Tampere 2017 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-08-27
FSD3321 Working and Poor 2015 B Tooltip Qualitative 2019-08-23
FSD3332 Social Workers' Experiences of Child Custody Evaluation 2017 B Tooltip Qualitative 2019-08-23
FSD3202 Elderly Care and Services 2010 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-08-22
FSD3268 Employment Survey of Tampere University Bachelor Graduates of 2015-2016 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-08-21
FSD3264 Parish Support to Asylum Seekers 2016 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-08-15
FSD3317 Group Interviews of Youth Organisation Representatives 2015 C Tooltip Qualitative 2019-08-12
FSD3329 Scholarly Reading Practices Survey 2016 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-08-12
FSD3294 Interviews of NEET Youth and Preparatory Vocational Education Project Workers 2013 C Tooltip Qualitative 2019-08-05
FSD3342 News Articles about Finns Party Members Convicted of Hate Speech 2016-2017 C Tooltip Qualitative 2019-08-05
FSD3265 Church Statistics Development Survey 2013 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-08-02
FSD3326 Experiences of Unsecured Consumer Loans 2018-2019 C Tooltip Qualitative 2019-08-02
FSD3183 Sociobarometer 2017 C Tooltip Quantitative 2019-08-01
FSD3312 Tampere Praksis: First-Line Managers' Views on Managerial Work, Workplace Wellbeing and Change Management in Social Work 2018 B Tooltip Qualitative 2019-08-01
FSD3290 Tampere Praksis: Custody Disputes in Child Protection Services at the First Stage 2017 B Tooltip Qualitative 2019-08-01
FSD3260 Understanding People and Understanding Things 2013 and 2015 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-07-31
FSD3259 Understanding People and Understanding Things 2013 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-07-30
FSD3245 Popular Music Divine Services Survey 2013-2014 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-07-26
FSD3278 Unemployed People and Inclusion 2016-2017 C Tooltip Qualitative 2019-07-25
FSD3316 Welfare and Inequality in Finland 2017-2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-07-25
FSD3310 Welfare and Inequality in Finland 2016 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-07-25
FSD3267 Interviews of SOS Crisis Center Clients 2017 C Tooltip Qualitative 2019-07-23
FSD3225 Well-Being of Economics and Computer Science Students 2017-2018 B Tooltip Qualitative 2019-07-19
FSD3358 Register Data on Vacancies Notified to Public Employment Service 2018 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-07-19
FSD3222 Young People in the Limelight: Creative Writing Workshop 2015 B Tooltip Qualitative 2019-07-18
FSD3293 Young People in the Limelight: Photography Workshop for Underage Asylum Seekers 2015-2016 B Tooltip Qualitative 2019-07-18
FSD3241 Significance of Gender in Basic Education 2018 B Tooltip Qualitative 2019-07-15
FSD3345 Gender Equality Barometer 2017 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-07-09
FSD3320 Expectations and Experiences of Implementing eHealth Services 2017: Health Managers and Directors 2017 B Tooltip Quantitative 2019-07-08