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FSD3134 Child Barometer 2016 A Quantitative 2017-05-02
FSD2816 Public Procurement Notices 2012 A Quantitative 2013-05-14
FSD2719 Children's Media Barometer 2011 A Quantitative 2012-05-10
FSD2940 Limited Liability Housing Companies Act's Functionality and Impact 2013: Estate Agents A Quantitative 2014-07-21
FSD1249 Decision on Final Disposal of Nuclear Waste 2001 A Qualitative 2007-06-19
FSD3196 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2004 A Quantitative 2018-02-16
FSD3194 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns, Autumn 2002 A Quantitative 2018-02-14
FSD2828 Newspaper Coverage of Climate Change and Eutrophication 1990-2010 A Quantitative 2014-10-17
FSD2937 Limited Liability Housing Companies Act's Functionality and Impact 2013: Shareholders A Quantitative 2014-07-15
FSD1122 Municipal Managers' Views on the Foundation for Municipal Development 1996 A Quantitative 2014-05-09
FSD3197 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2005 A Quantitative 2018-02-23
FSD2791 New Students in Universities 2011: First Impressions A Quantitative 2013-08-21
FSD1211 Media Education in Finnish Primary Education 1998 A Quantitative 2003-01-24
FSD2985 Internet Use of Finns 2013 A Quantitative 2015-11-06
FSD2925 Members of Municipal Councils and Municipal Boards 2009 A Quantitative 2016-07-01
FSD3027 Finland's Foreign Trade: Value of Exports 1840-2000 A Quantitative 2017-07-03
FSD2975 Online Deliberation of Swedish-speaking Finns 2013 A Quantitative 2016-05-23
FSD2316 Electoral Alliances in Parliamentary Elections 1945-2007 A Quantitative 2009-03-26
FSD3200 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2008 A Quantitative 2018-03-02
FSD3198 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2006 A Quantitative 2018-02-26
FSD3193 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns, Spring 2002 A Quantitative 2018-02-09
FSD2938 Limited Liability Housing Companies Act's Functionality and Impact 2013: Board Members A Quantitative 2014-07-17
FSD2817 Ethnic Conflicts and Ethnic Nepotism 2003-2011 A Quantitative 2014-10-06
FSD3195 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2003 A Quantitative 2018-02-16
FSD3097 Public Procurement Notices 2015 A Quantitative 2016-05-09
FSD2986 Constraints of Volunteering 2014 A Quantitative 2015-08-18
FSD3166 Writing Competition on the Future of Work in Finland 2016-2017 A Qualitative 2018-08-01
FSD2637 Public Procurement Notices 2010 A Quantitative 2011-09-30
FSD3199 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2007 A Quantitative 2018-02-26
FSD3026 Finland's Foreign Trade: Value of Imports 1840-2000 A Quantitative 2017-07-03
FSD2636 Public Procurement Notices 2009 A Quantitative 2011-09-30
FSD3057 New Students in Universities 2014: First Impressions A Quantitative 2017-07-31
FSD2761 International Civic and Citizenship Education Study (ICCS) in Finland 2009: Teachers A Quantitative 2013-01-21
FSD2939 Limited Liability Housing Companies Act's Functionality and Impact 2013: Property Managers A Quantitative 2014-07-22
FSD2982 Public Procurement Notices 2014 A Quantitative 2015-02-11
FSD3069 Children's Media Barometer 2010 A Quantitative 2017-01-04
FSD2634 Public Procurement Notices 2007 A Quantitative 2011-09-27
FSD3070 Children's Media Barometer 2012 A Quantitative 2017-01-05
FSD3056 New Students in Universities 2013: First Impressions A Quantitative 2017-07-31
FSD2979 Opinions on the State of the Finnish Language 2013 A Quantitative 2015-07-14
FSD3201 Barometer for Swedish-speaking Finns 2009 A Quantitative 2018-03-02
FSD2588 Ethnic heterogeneity and ethnic conflicts 2003-2010 A Quantitative 2010-11-29
FSD2981 Cultural Heritage of Finland 2014 A Qualitative 2015-07-16
FSD1049 Society in the Newspaper 1987 A Quantitative 2002-03-22
FSD3095 New Students in Universities 2015: First Impressions A Quantitative 2017-01-20
FSD2004 European Parliamentary Elections in All Member States 1979-2004 A Quantitative 2005-01-05
FSD2407 State of the Finnish News Media 2008 A Quantitative 2009-05-18
FSD2984 Internet Use of Finns 2010 A Quantitative 2015-11-09
FSD3071 Children's Media Barometer 2013 A Quantitative 2017-01-05
FSD2712 Public Procurement Notices 2011 A Quantitative 2012-03-28