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FSD1200 City Service Survey 1983 B Quantitative 2003-01-08
FSD1149 Finnish Local Government Barometer 1999: Chairmen of Municipal Executive Boards B Quantitative 2003-08-12
FSD2187 Energy Attitudes of the Finns 2001 B Quantitative 2006-08-16
FSD3134 Child Barometer 2016 A Quantitative 2017-05-02
FSD2569 Rural Finland 2009: Citizens B Quantitative 2011-03-14
FSD2290 Different Kinds of Learners and Learning Materials in Web-Based Learning 2002-2003 B Quantitative 2008-12-01
FSD2498 Evaluation of Finnish National Innovation System 2009: Banks B Quantitative 2010-05-12
FSD2993 Employment Survey of Tampere University Graduates 2012 B Quantitative 2015-07-06
FSD2934 Register Data on Vacancies Notified to Public Employment Service 2006 B Quantitative 2014-04-22
FSD3272 School Well-being Profile 2017-2018: Primary School, Grades 4-6 B Quantitative 2018-06-26
FSD3122 Employment Survey of Tampere University Graduates 2014 B Quantitative 2017-07-07
FSD2730 Cognitive Functions and Coping Skills of Alcoholics 1987-1988 and Follow-up 2014 B Quantitative 2012-11-27
FSD2878 Use of Electronic Library Resources 2004: Finnish Universities B Quantitative 2014-03-28
FSD2741 Finnish Working Life Barometer: Local Government Employees 1994 B Quantitative 2012-11-26
FSD2866 National User Survey of Finnish Special Libraries 2013 B Quantitative 2014-07-01
FSD2180 Finnish Local Government 2004: Primary Health Care 2003: Local Authorities B Quantitative 2007-02-19
FSD2050 Police Barometer 2003 B Quantitative 2006-01-10
FSD2268 Open Access to and Reuse of Research Data 2006 B Quantitative 2007-10-02
FSD1121 Finnish Local Government Barometer 1996: Municipal Managers, Chairmen of Municipal Executive Boards B Quantitative 2003-08-11
FSD2983 Doctoral Graduates of Years 2006-2007: Career and Employment Survey 2009 C Quantitative 2016-06-09
FSD1323 Welfare Survey 2000 D Quantitative 2004-07-16
FSD2490 Evaluation of Finnish National Innovation System 2009: Intermediaries B Quantitative 2010-05-11
FSD2930 Rural Finland 2013: The Media B Quantitative 2015-07-02
FSD2816 Public Procurement Notices 2012 A Quantitative 2013-05-14
FSD2237 Finnish Local Government Barometer 2006: Municipal Managers B Quantitative 2007-06-04
FSD2114 Finnish Opinions on Security Policy and National Defence 2005 C Quantitative 2006-01-12
FSD1144 Parish Elections 1998 B Quantitative 2002-04-22
FSD2719 Children's Media Barometer 2011 A Quantitative 2012-05-10
FSD2238 Finnish Local Government Barometer 2006: Inhabitants B Quantitative 2007-06-05
FSD2919 Finnish Youth Survey 2013 B Quantitative 2014-04-22
FSD1360 Election Funding of Finnish MPs 2003 C Quantitative 2004-08-11
FSD2555 Family, Parenthood, Children’s Well-Being and Risks of Exclusion 2002 B Quantitative 2010-12-27
FSD2090 Finnish Local Government Barometer 2002: Municipal Managers, Chairmen of Municipal Executive Boards B Quantitative 2006-02-02
FSD2178 Finnish Local Government 2004: Primary Health Care 2000: Local Authorities B Quantitative 2007-05-16
FSD1026 International Foreign News Study 1995 B Quantitative 2002-03-22
FSD1190 Changing Municipalities 1990 B Quantitative 2005-01-04
FSD2893 University of Tampere Survey for Third-year Students 2006 B Quantitative 2015-07-09
FSD2423 School Well-being Profile 2008-2009: Lower Secondary School, Grades 7-9 B Quantitative 2009-07-08
FSD1024 Parties and Local Democracy 1996: Combined Data B Quantitative 2002-03-22
FSD2296 Parliamentary Elections 2007: Responses to Union of Freethinkers of Finland Candidate Selector B Quantitative 2009-05-07
FSD2235 Finnish Local Government Barometer 2005: Municipal Managers B Quantitative 2007-02-27
FSD2614 Computer Gaming in the Everyday Life of Women 2008 B Quantitative 2011-07-08
FSD3174 Language Barometer 2016 B Quantitative 2018-06-11
FSD2967 Finnish Attitudes to Rescue Services, Safety and Emergencies 2007 B Quantitative 2015-06-30
FSD2526 Finnish Youth Survey Spring 1998 B Quantitative 2010-07-02
FSD2732 Continuity of Substance Abuse Treatment and Readiness to Change 2000 B Quantitative 2012-07-30
FSD1181 Finnish Science Barometer 2001 B Quantitative 2002-06-25
FSD2275 Voting and Party Choice in Parliamentary Elections 2007 B Quantitative 2007-10-22
FSD2085 Finnish Attitudes towards Alcohol Control Policies 2004 D Quantitative 2010-08-26
FSD2840 University of Tampere Open Access Survey 2012 B Quantitative 2014-04-28