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FSD3358 Register Data on Vacancies Notified to Public Employment Service 2018

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  • Ministry of Employment and the Economy. Employment and Well-functioning Markets Department


employment, employment services, job vacancies, labour and employment, labour force, labour force needs, recruitment


The data contain information on the vacancies notified to the Public Employment Service in Finland in 2018. The data have have been compiled of job advertisements, and each individual vacancy mentioned in the advertisements has been counted. There is information on open vacancies, employers, and the process of filling the job vacancies.

The information on open vacancies covers variables such as the location, occupation, and duration of the vacancy, the employer's industry of employment, educational requirements, working hours, staff size, type of workplace, deadline for applications, and the starting date of the job. In addition, the data contain variables providing information on the number of open vacancies in the advertisements and the number of rows in the advertisement. The public employment agencies (TE Offices) and Centres for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment (ELY Centres) located in the region of the open vacancies are also included in the data.

Various duration variables have been added to the data. These variables include the duration the vacancy was open, the time of recruiting, and the time it took to fill the vacancy. These variables have their own calculation rules.

The data also include regional variables such as the sub-region, municipality type, and town.

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