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FSD3278 Unemployed People and Inclusion 2016-2017

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  • Isola, Anna-Maria (National Institute for Health and Welfare)
  • Vaara, Mariitta (National Institute for Health and Welfare)


poverty, social disadvantage, social exclusion, trust, unemployed, unemployment


The data consist of ten focus group interviews of unemployed persons and counsellors participating in the priority axis 5 projects coordinated by the Sokra project of the National Institute for Health and Welfare and funded by the European Social Fund. The goal of the projects was to promote the inclusion of people who were at risk of social exclusion, combat poverty and improve the participants' ability to work. There were 3-10 people in each group interview.

The interviews covered the participants' future prospects, positive experiences and perceptions of control over their own lives. Meaningful work, communities, sense of belonging and need for support were also discussed.

Background information included interview place and date, and the gender and age of the interviewee.

The dataset is only available in Finnish.

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