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FSD3226 Enhancing Leisure Time Activities: Interview Notes and Observation Diaries 2013-2017

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  • Anttila, Anna (City of Helsinki)


clubs, hobbies, leisure time activities, schoolchildren, schoolteachers, youth, youth clubs, youth work, youth workers

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The data comprise diaries of youth workers and interviews of youth workers and teachers conducted as part of a research project entitled Good Leisure Time. The data were collected in five different schools in a town in Southern Finland. Each studied class had a youth worker of their own for the duration of lower secondary school. The role of the youth worker was to support the pupils in finding a hobby or a leisure time activity. The youth workers and teachers discussed how the project had gone, what effect the support from a youth worker had had on pupils' activities and habits, and what the cooperation of youth workers and schools could offer in the future. The data consist of two interviews and four diaries of youth workers and 12 interviews of teachers.

In addition to the interviews and diaries, the data contain the outcomes of researcher workshops organised for the pupils. In the workshops, the participants thought about what they would do on a perfect day, what they had learned on the seventh grade, what advice they would give to a sixth grader, which websites were meaningful for them and which places they would like to visit.

This dataset is only available in Finnish.

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