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FSD3206 Church Resignation Forms Filed in Finland 2007-2016

The dataset is (C) available for research only (including e.g. Master's, licentiate and doctoral theses). The dataset may not be used for other theses (e.g. Bachelor's or polytechnic theses), for other study purposes (e.g. seminar papers, essays) or teaching.

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  • Union of Freethinkers of Finland


christianity, church, church and state, religious affiliation, religious behaviour, religious freedom, religious institutions


The data contain information about persons who have resigned from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland or the Finnish Orthodox Church via web service Eroakirkosta.fi in 2007-2016. Variables included in the data are date of resignation, type of resignation announcement (e-mail, paper form, direct announcement via web form), municipality of residence, gender, age at the time of resignation (categorised), church, and language.

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