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FSD3088 Amateur Naturalism and Activities of Nature and Wildlife Organizations: Printed Media Data 1972-2011

The dataset is (C) available for research only (including e.g. Master's, licentiate and doctoral theses). The dataset may not be used for other theses (e.g. Bachelor's or polytechnic theses), for other study purposes (e.g. seminar papers, essays) or teaching.

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  • Santaoja, Minna (University of Tampere. School of Management)


forests, leisure time, leisure time activities, natural environment, ornithology, press


The data contain newspaper articles that deal with different forms of amateur naturalism, published in the Tampere region between 1972 and 2011. The articles can be divided into four categories: 1) observations of nature, amateur naturalism, and nature databases, 2) renovation of water bodies important to birds, 3) Natural History Museum of Tampere, and 4) general naturalism. The articles vary in style, and include editorials and letters to the editor in addition to news items.

The data files have been organised by theme and magazine in such a way that one file contains all the texts of the same theme from one magazine. A detailed list of the articles has been published as a related file.

This dataset is only available in Finnish.

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