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FSD3068 European Social Survey 2014: Finnish Data

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  • Fitzgerald, Rory (City University. ESS ERIC Headquarters)
  • ESS Core Scientific Team
  • Ervasti, Heikki (University of Turku. Department of Social Research)


discrimination, health, immigration, national identity, politics, religion, social exclusion, social participation, trust, values

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The data chart attitudes, beliefs and behaviour of Finnish citizens. The survey consists of a core module repeated each collection round and rotating modules on different themes. The Finnish survey is funded by the Academy of Finland.

In the 2014 collection round, the survey investigated, among others, TV watching habits, social trust, politics, religion, and society. Questions about the respondents' life and social relationships were also presented as well as experiences of discrimination and attitudes towards immigration and immigrants.

The respondents' health was examined with questions about exercise, smoking and alcohol use. Further questions charted, for instance, whether the respondents had visited different healthcare professionals in the previous 12 months, whether they had not received the health services they had needed, and whether they had used any alternative medicine treatments and other treatments.

Finally, the respondents were asked how they viewed themselves by requesting them to indicate how much they thought certain descriptions and characteristics applied to them (Schwarz Human Values Scale).

Background variables included, among others, the respondent's household composition, gender, age, marital status, type of neighbourhood of residence, education, occupation, membership in a trade union, and income of the household.

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