FSD2723 Election Funding of Finnish Presidential Candidates 2012

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election campaigns, financing, presidential candidates, presidential elections


The data contain information on the election funding of the candidates in the 2012 presidential elections in Finland. Expenses are itemised into campaign advertising (newspapers, radio, tv, Web, posters, leaflets etc.), planning of advertising, campaign meetings and other expenses. Funding is itemised into candidate's own funds, loans taken and external funding received by the candidate and the support group. External contributions are itemised into those received from private persons, companies, candidate's party, party organisations and other donors. Background variables used are the candidate's name, occupation, electoral district, party and support group. During the archiving process, information on the candidate's gender was added.

The Act on a Candidate's Election Funding obliges presidential candidates to declare their total campaign financing and the financial value of each contribution as well as the name of the donor for donations exceeding the value of 1,500 euro. Previously, the Ministry of Justice monitored the election funding, but as of 2009 the monitoring has been the responsibility of National Audit Office of Finland.

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