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FSD2691 Substance Abuse Treatment: Inpatient Treatment Therapist Responses to Frame Stories 2008

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  • Saarnio, Pekka (University of Tampere. Department of Social Policy and Social Work)


alcoholism, childhood, drug abuse, occupational choice, personality, rehabilitation, social services, social workers


The data are part of Substance Abuse Treatment series, which comprises datasets that can be used in both quantitative and qualitative research.

The respondents were drug and alcohol counsellors who worked in inpatient treatment facilities and who had a minimum of one year's experience in substance abuse treatment. The data consist of written responses to five different frame stories / vignettes. The respondents were presented with five different hypothetical situations in which clients told about their problems or asked for advice. The respondents were requested to write down how they would proceed and what they would say to the clients.

The frame stories were part of a questionnaire, which is available as a separate dataset (FSD2690). The respondents received the frame stories with the questionnaire, but they were given two weeks to respond to them. 97 out of 162 respondents who had responded to the questionnaire (FSD2690) also responded to the vignettes.

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