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FSD2640 Health Promotion Barometer 2011: Citizens

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  • Finnish Centre for Health Promotion


decision making, health services, municipalities, neighbourhoods, physical activities, social services


The survey studied Finnish citizens' views on the attractiveness and safety of their municipality of residence, access to social and health services, public transport to services, leisure facilities, care provided for alcohol or drug misusers, support for the disadvantaged, and participation opportunities in their municipality. Views were also charted on to what extent the municipality takes families with children and the aged into account in decision-making and whether the respondents felt they themselves could influence decision-making.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age group, education, economic activity and occupational status, employment status, living arrangements, income bracket of the household, degree of urbanisation of the municipality, major region (NUTS2), number of persons in the household, and R's self-perceived health.

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