FSD2524 Finnish Youth Survey Spring 1997

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Finnish Youth Survey Spring 1997

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  • Advisory Council for Youth Affairs (Nuora)
  • Finnish Youth Research Society. Finnish Youth Research Network


The main themes of the survey were employment and consumer habits. Other topics included education and qualifications, entrepreneurship and satisfaction with life. The respondents were young people living in Finland.

The respondents were asked whether they were studying at that moment and whether they were satisfied with their education in terms of gaining employment. Those in employment were asked about their job contract and whether the job was commensurate with their qualifications. The unemployed or the laid-off were asked about the spells and duration of unemployment, obstacles to employment, and willingness to enter apprenticeship training.

The respondents were asked to what extent they agreed with a number of statements relating to employment opportunities, unemployment benefits, employment situation, and means of increasing employment opportunities. Future plans were charted by asking whether the respondents planned to work or study abroad, set up a business or acquire vocational education within the next five years. Views were probed on obstacles preventing young people from becoming entrepreneurs/self-employed.

The survey also investigated young people's consumption habits. A number of questions pertained to how they finance their consumption and what factors influenced their consumption decisions (e.g. friends, advertising, price, durability, good quality of the product). Next, the respondents were asked to what extent they agreed with statements relating to different aspects of occupational life and how they perceived themselves as citizens and consumers (for instance, were they quality conscious, did they buy impulsively, etc.) Further questions covered the respondents' satisfaction with their financial situation and their life in general. Finally, the respondents were asked what was the most important aspect of work to them (wage level, job security, or the work itself).

Background variables included the respondent's age, gender, basic and vocational education, economic activity, parents' occupational education, type of neighbourhood, and municipality of residence.


apprentices; business formation; consumers; consumption; economic activity; education; expectation; occupational life; qualifications; satisfaction; youth; youth employment; youth unemployment

Topic Classification

  • Social sciences (Fields of Science Classification)
  • Consumption and consumer behaviour (from the vocabulary CESSDA Topic Classification)
  • Income, property and investment/saving (from the vocabulary CESSDA Topic Classification)
  • Employment (from the vocabulary CESSDA Topic Classification)
  • Social behaviour and attitudes (from the vocabulary CESSDA Topic Classification)


Finnish Youth Surveys


Finnish Social Science Data Archive


The dataset is (B) available for research, teaching and study.

Data Collector

  • Statistics Finland

Data Producers

  • Advisory Council for Youth Affairs
  • Finnish Youth Research Society. Finnish Youth Research Network

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1997-03-17 – 1997-03-27



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Finnish-speaking young people who live in Finland (excluding the Åland Islands)

Time Method

Longitudinal: Trend/Repeated cross-section

Sampling Procedure

Probability: Stratified

Finnish Youth Survey Spring 1997 was conducted in connection with the Labour Force Survey carried out by Statistics Finland. The sample of the Labour Force Survey is drawn twice a year as a stratified random sample from the Statistics Finland population database, which is based on the central population register. Labour Force Survey is a panel study in which one person is interviewed five times. The interviews are conducted every three months apart from the fourth interview, which is conducted six months after the third interview. The first and last interviews are 15 months apart. The sample in each month consists approximately of 12,000 persons, which is, on average, every 300th person from the population. The sample consists of five rotation groups which have joined the survey in different months. The sample for the Finnish Youth Survey Spring 1997 consisted of 1,520 Finnish-speaking young people from several rotation groups. The sample was formed by including all young people aged between 15 - 29. After removing the overcoverage, the net sample size was brought down to 1,508 persons. Altogether 1,334 interviews were received, and there were 174 non-respondents (i.e. 11.5%). The duration of each interview was approximately 12 minutes and 95% of the interviews were made over the phone.

Collection Mode

Telephone interview

Research Instrument

Structured questionnaire

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Advisory Council for Youth Affairs (Nuora) & Finnish Youth Research Society: Finnish Youth Survey Spring 1997 [dataset]. Version 1.0 (2010-07-05). Finnish Social Science Data Archive [distributor]. http://urn.fi/urn:nbn:fi:fsd:T-FSD2524

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Quality Description of the Labour Force Survey contains information about the sampling and data collection.

Related Materials

Quality Description: Labour Force Survey (2010) [web document]. Helsinki: Statistics Finland. http://www.stat.fi/til/tyti/2010/04/tyti_2010_04_2010-05-25_laa_001_en.html [cited 6 June 2010].

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Saarela, Pekka (1997). Nuorisobarometri 1/1997. Selvitys suomalaisten 15 - 29-vuotiaiden nuorten koulutukseen, työhön, työelämän muutoksiin ja kulutustottumuksiin liittyvistä käsityksistä. Helsinki: Opetusministeriö, Nuorisoasiain neuvottelukunta (Nuora). Nuoran julkaisuja; 1.

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