FSD2297 Trust in Government Ministries 2000

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  • Harisalo, Risto (University of Tampere. Department of Public Law)
  • Stenvall, Jari (University of Tampere. Department of Public Law)


administrative structures, central government, government, institutions, political attitudes, political interest, political power, public administration, trust, trust in government, values


The survey charted the respondents' trust in various government ministries and their opinions on the actions of the ministries.

The respondents were asked how actively they followed or how interested they were in various issues, such as local government policy, state policy, the actions of the ministries, and civic activity. They were also asked how familiar they thought they were with the actions of the given ministries. Some questions pertained to trust. The respondents assessed how much they trusted different government ministries and various social institutions (e.g. Parliament, the church, the media, the police, the European Union).

Views were probed on the importance and influentiality of various government ministries. The respondents were presented with a set of attitudinal statements pertaining to the policies of the ministries. Opinions were also charted on how well different values (e.g. impartiality, expertise, fairness, incorruptibility) are realised in the actions of the ministries.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age, education, occupational group, and size of municipality of residence.

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