FSD2294 Finnish Science Barometer 2007

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Finnish Science Barometer 2007

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  • Kiljunen, Pentti (Yhdyskuntatutkimus)


The survey studied Finnish public opinion and expectations on scientific information, ethics of science, the advantages and disadvantages of scientific and technological development, and various other aspects of science and research.

The respondents rated their interest in following certain subjects in the media (e.g. culture and arts, sports, economy, politics), and interest in scientific and research issues (e.g. science generally, medicine, information technology, space research). The importance of various information sources on science and scientific development were evaluated. The respondents were asked to name one present-day and one former prominent Finnish scientist, as well as an invention or accomplishment of Finnish science. The survey charted trust in various institutions: Parliament, the church, trade unions, the media, armed forces, universities, the European Union, etc. Views were probed on how well certain aspects of science (e.g. scientific independence, ethical issues, science funding, usefulness of science to everyday life) have been taken care of in Finland. The respondents were asked whether science can solve certain problems or help mankind (e.g. find a cure for AIDS or cancer, raise the standard of living, eradicate hunger from the world, promote peace).

The survey carried a set of attitudinal statements on science and research. Statements covered, for example, brain drain and brain gain, scientific information in the media, alternative medicine, relationship between science and religion, vivisection, genetic engineering, use of scientific information in decision-making, science funding and its allocation, science policy, impact of scientific and technological development, climate change, and ethical issues.

Background variables included the respondent's gender, age group, size of the municipality of residence, region of residence, basic and vocational education, field of study, and occupational group.


attitudes; ethics; ethics of science; institutions; mass media; research; science; scientific development; scientific progress; scientists

Topic Classification

  • Social sciences (Fields of Science Classification)
  • Biotechnology (from the vocabulary CESSDA Topic Classification)
  • Educational policy (from the vocabulary CESSDA Topic Classification)
  • Information technology (from the vocabulary CESSDA Topic Classification)


Finnish Science Barometers


Finnish Social Science Data Archive


The dataset is (B) available for research, teaching and study.

Data Collector

  • Yhdyskuntatutkimus

Data Producers

  • Tieteen tiedotus ry

Time Period Covered


Collection Dates

2007-05-03 – 2007-07-06



Geographical Coverage


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People aged 18-70 living in Finland (excluding the Åland Islands)

Time Method

Longitudinal: Trend/Repeated cross-section

Sampling Procedure

Probability: Simple random

A random sample drawn from Finland's population register. Sample size 3,000.

There were two data collection rounds, in other words there was one follow-up mailing. Data collection yielded 1,078 analysable responses.

Collection Mode

Self-administered questionnaire: Paper

Research Instrument

Structured questionnaire

Response Rate


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Downloaded data package may contain different language versions of the same files.

The data files of this dataset are available in the following languages: Finnish and English.

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Number of Cases and Variables

141 variables and 1078 cases.

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Completeness of Data and Restrictions

The sample is representative enough in terms of demographic, social and regional factors. Women and persons with higher education were slightly overrepresented.

Citation Requirement

The data and its creators shall be cited in all publications and presentations for which the data have been used. The bibliographic citation may be in the form suggested by the archive or in the form required by the publication.

Bibliographical Citation

Kiljunen, Pentti (Yhdyskuntatutkimus): Finnish Science Barometer 2007 [dataset]. Version 1.0 (2007-12-10). Finnish Social Science Data Archive [distributor]. http://urn.fi/urn:nbn:fi:fsd:T-FSD2294

Deposit Requirement

The user shall notify the archive of all publications where she or he has used the data.


The original data creators and the archive bear no responsibility for any results or interpretations arising from the reuse of the data.

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Tiedebarometri 2007. Tutkimus suomalaisten suhtautumisesta tieteeseen ja tieteellis-tekniseen kehitykseen. Helsinki : Tieteen tiedotus ry, 2007. Saatavissa : http://www.sci.fi/~yhdys/tb3/tiedebaro3.html [viitattu 10.12.2007]

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Tiedebarometri 2007. Tutkimus suomalaisten suhtautumisesta tieteeseen ja tieteellis-tekniseen kehitykseen (2007). Helsinki: Tieteen tiedotus ry. http://www.sci.fi/~yhdys/tb3/tiedebaro3.htm [viitattu 10.12.2007]

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