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FSD2276 Finnish Voter Barometers 1973-1990: Combined Data

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  • Gallup Finland
  • University of Helsinki. Department of Political Science


achievement, elections, government, local government elections, parliamentary elections, political attitudes, political behaviour, political parties, political support, voting

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This combined data includes surveys from 1973 to 1990. Survey themes include voting behaviour, opinions on the government and the parties, and attitudes towards national political issues. In addition, the respondents' economic expectations and political participation have often been studied, as well as their opinions on local politics, and the significance of the party leader to a party.

Background variables have often included the social class of the respondent and the household head, economic activity of the household head, the respondent's education, age, mother tongue, gender, party membership, political views, trade union membership, and the household's annual income. There are also regional variables.

Even though the variables are not always fully comparable from one survey to another, all kinds of comparisons over time are possible. The questions that have remained almost unchanged over the years cover the respondents' worries, their image of the parties, and which party they would not vote for. The combined data also include plenty of questions that have not been asked every year.

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