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FSD2091 Finnish Local Government Barometer 2002: Inhabitants

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  • Foundation for Municipal Development


immigration, internal migration, local finance, local government, local government services, members of parliament, municipalities, unemployed

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The survey charted Finnish public opinion on local government services, municipal finance, immigration, internal migration, unemployment, and the policies of Members of Parliament. The respondents were asked what methods they would accept for improving the financial situation of their municipality (e.g. raising fees or municipal taxes, cutting services or staff numbers, using private companies to deliver municipal services).

The respondents were also asked to what extent they agreed with a number of statements relating to local democracy and decision-making, number of municipalities in Finland, municipal services and finance, immigration, internal migration, and unemployment. Further questions covered the effect of internal migration on the municipality, e.g., on municipal taxation levels, housing prices, employment, and community services. In view of the forthcoming parliamentary elections, the respondents were asked what kind of policy they would like their locally elected Members of Parliament to advocate for on minority issues, EU enlargement, public services etc.

Background variables included, among others, the respondent's gender, age, main activity, education, province and region of residence, household gross income, household composition, and which political party the respondent would vote for if the parliamentary elections were held at that time.

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