FSD1360 Election Funding of Finnish MPs 2003

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  • Broberg, Jenny (University of Helsinki. Swedish School of Social Science)


Members of Parliament, election campaigns, financing, funding, parliamentary elections


The data contain information on the election campaign expenses and funding of the elected Members of Parliament and those designated as deputy members upon confirmation of the election results. Expenses are displayed as total costs of the election campaign. Funding is itemised into the candidate's own funds and financial contributions from other sources. The latter are itemised into contributions from private persons, enterprises, party organisations and other donors (such as interest groups, trust funds and associations). The data also contain information about the number of votes the candidate received, the proportion of the votes received within electoral district and whether the candidate had been an MP in the previous parliamentary period. the number of parliamentary terms served. The candidate's name, gender, political party, and electoral district are also disclosed.

The Act on the Disclosure of Election Financing obliges Members of Parliament and deputy members to declare their total campaign financing as well as the financial value of each contribution and for parliamentary elections, the name of the donor for donations exceeding the value of 1700 euro.

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