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FSD1279 Employment Survey of Tampere University Postgraduates 2000

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  • Mäkinen, Jukka (University of Tampere. Career Services)
  • Karvinen, Aija (University of Tampere. Career Services)


career development, degrees, employment, employment opportunities, postgraduates, tertiary education, tertiary education

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The survey charted the employment situation of persons who had obtained a post-graduate degree from the University of Tampere in the year 2000. The data were collected in 2002. The respondents were asked about their current employment situation and nature of the work, and whether the job was commensurate with their qualifications and whether a post-graduate degree was necessary for it. Experiences of working or studying abroad were studied. Participation in a graduate school was surveyed.

Some questions covered respondents' work history between the graduate and post-graduate degrees. Respondents were also asked whether they had stopped gainful employment for postgraduate studies and how had they financed their studies. One topic pertained to job searching: job searching methods used, employment sectors and type of employers approached, and the location of the job obtained were investigated. Respondents were asked why they had wanted a post-graduate degree. Opinions on whether the degree has enhanced or hindered their career opportunities were charted.

Background variables included gender and field of study.

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