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FSD1143 Finnish Local Government Barometer 1994: Inhabitants

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financial resources, informal economy, local finance, local government, local government services, local taxation, municipal government, political power, privatization, public services

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In this survey, the respondents were asked to assess different means of improving the financial situation of Finnish municipalities. They estimated which public services and duties could be subjected to retrenchment if the municipalities were to cut down expenses, where economic measures had already been taken, and how the public services in general had developed during the past two years. In addition, they were asked which services they and their families had needed or used. The respondents then stated which services should be provided by the municipality, and which could be provided by, for example, the state, private enterprises, organisations, or the citizens themselves.

In addition, the respondents were monitored on attitudes towards the consolidations of municipalities. They were also asked to state their opinion on the temporary offices of municipal managers and senior civil servants, and on how the named officials should be elected.

Background variables included the respondent's occupational group, type of employment, gender, basic education, vocational education, province of residence, marital status, political affilitation, household income, age structure of the household, type of neighbourhood, and number of household members.

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