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FSD1011 Finnish Voter Barometer 1983

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  • Gallup Finland
  • University of Helsinki. Department of Political Science


elections, municipal elections, parliamentary elections, party allegiance, political attitudes, political behaviour, presidential elections, social conflict, voting

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The data were collected in two rounds. In the first round, before the 1983 parliamentary elections, the respondents were asked how they had voted in the 1982 presidential elections and in the 1980 municipal elections, and how they were going to vote in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. In the second round, after the elections, the respondents were asked whether they voted or not, when they voted and how interested they were in politics. Several questions focused on the respondent's party loyalty and choice of candidate. In addition, the respondents were asked what they regarded as the most important goals of political activity, and whether they had been involved in the work of various organisations. The respondents assessed different parties, and conflicts of interests between various groups in society.

Background variables included the respondents gender, education, occupation, age, year of birth, number of school-age children, household income, occupation of the head of the household, type of municipality of residence, and province of residence.

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